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Vital Economics Ltd analysis, advice and advocacy 



to clarify complex and confusing situations. 


to help you make best use of the information available. 


to delivery your message, influence decision makers and improve outcomes. 
Specialising in understanding, navigating and assessing the impact of change in: 
We have decades of experience of international trade analysis, We can help you clarify and plan for the outcome of Brexit and a changing global economy. 
Turning good ideas into investor friendly projects is arduous journey. Drawing on extensive experience we can advise on strategy and next steps. 
International and domestic energy markets, decarbonisation. 
Economic Development 
We can help you identify critical actions that can overcome barriers to investment and growth. 
Project Appraisal 
We can help you identify choices and consider their costs and benefits using techniques that are essential for government funding. 
Understanding and managing key risks is vital for any organisation. As an objective outsider we can help you think the unthinkable and plan to cope with it. 
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